Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Wednesday What????

It's Wednesday and I bet you all are saying, "What?" Is she posting after months of not. Yes. Yes I am! Life has been busy and it's summer. I could also blame a million other things, but honestly I had lost my mojo. (I'll discuss that in another post) So since it's August 1, I have officially put my school hat on. I do not return to school until after Labor Day, however I feel like now is the time to get my inspiration back.

Once again I am reading many of the teaching blogs like I had done last summer and the ideas are flying. My notebook is filling up with many of the wonderful things you all are doing, along with ways I can tweak to accomodate my students. Also I have been on Twitter connecting with amazing educators. The best PD anyone can ask for. If you aren't on there already, let me know and I'll hook you up!

I thank all of the followers for sticking with me and I hope to link up with many more.

 Do you have a Wednesday What??? Let me know what's yours!


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